Warlock / Benny Bludstrom

The most powerful Human black magic user and walking encyclopedia of the occult


When Benny was a young child he was kidnapped by a cult called The eternal Serpents who were trying to summon the greater demon Belial into this world.

Belial was locked up ages ago by a powerful family of wizards whose blood runs through Bludstroms veins and only the death and sacrifice of the last of the bloodline would release him from his prison.

When Benny’s throat was slit on the unholy altar, Belial entered the physical realm and doom was sure to follow. But something unforseen happend, it seemed that Benny’s blood was so powerful it bound the demon to the dying body of Bludstrom instead of setting him free.

The demon that he aswell, was becoming weaker rapidly and for the first time ever this immortal soul felt the coming dread of death. He instantly and begrudgingly healed restored Benny so he himself would not die. From that moment on, The great herald of destruction Belial became the slave of a young boy. Benny was filled with powers he did not understand and knowledge of things no other mind would be able to comprehend.

Warlock / Benny Bludstrom

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