Sundering of Siberia

The Sundering of Siberia (also known as the Sundering) was a world scale event triggered by The Omen. After years of planning and scheming The Omen finally fulfilled his families ancient prophecy of becoming the ruler of earth amongst superior beings. With his greatest invention named "the Rift generator" and huge powers created by the converging of magical leylines in Siberia, he opened up a gateway to another plane of existence. 

Even though The Omen calculated everything correctly something still went wrong and the generator became unstable, no longer able to keep the gateway relatively small so he could enter it, the rift expanded at an enormous rate and enveloped an enormous area of Siberia, destroying towns and swallowing many innocents. An eldritch race of creatures came pouring out the country sized rift. Hundred's of Superheroes and thousands of military men sacrificed themselves into closing the gate. Finally with an invention created by a gathering of 100 of the greatest scientific minds, helped by the  Occulta Domini lead by Warlock they managed to close off the gate and destroy everything with the other dimension's signature. 

This Eldritch War lasted 7 months

No sign of  The Omen was found, and as such is presumed death like the many other souls that were there when the gate first opened


A huge memorial is still being built there planned to be finished by januari 2018.

Sundering of Siberia

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